Discipleship Journal – Day 15

So it’s like this. We want to catch the young people’s attention — so we sell them “fun” and “entertainment”, because hey, Christians can also be cool and fun, yes? But what if the fun isn’t fun anymore?

Argue with me on this — can the church out-fun and out-entertain the world? Because if we can, then maybe we CAN retain these kids and keep them in church because we are fun and entertaining.

But point number one — we can’t “out-world” the world. The world’s business is about fun and entertainment, and we can’t hope to beat that. But more than that, and point number two — selling to kids a Christianity that is about fun and enjoyment is downright dishonest. THAT IS A LIE. That is not what Christianity is about.

The Church (big C, yes?) needs to make the case for Christ with our kids. It is only by Him that we can see young people convinced about the majesty of God and the power and truth of the Gospel — EVEN WHEN IT ISN’T FUN ANYMORE. Because, if you really want to be honest, Christianity was never designed to be just fun.

So what is your youth ministry about?

(good resource, click here.)

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